Beta Mummy: Boozy, ballsy, and basically brilliant.

To say that there are a lot of mum (and dad) bloggers about these days is an understatement akin to saying Donald Trump is “a bit of a moron, really”. There are effing millions. The only criteria for joining this gang is being sprogged up and in possession of a laptop that connects to that new-fangled Internet thingy.

For the most part, this is a great thing. Yes there will be some dross out there, but one person’s dross is another mamma’s delight, so it’s all fine. From the brilliant and feisty Mother Pukka to  the hilarious Hurrah for Gin, from quirky and cool Tigerlilly Quinn to the daily chronicles of The DADventurer, there really is something for everyone. (That is not to mention the collectives such as Selfish Mother and Up All Hours, which I mention not just because they are awesome, but because they let me join their gangs!)

But finding a fellow blogger who is just your cup of tea (or glass of pinot, to be honest) to the point where you wonder if they crept into your beta mummybrain and stole your thoughts,  is a joyous and wondrous thing, so I thought I’d share the love, in the hope she gives you a few laughs too. If she doesn’t, then I reckon you’ve had a humourectomy. Parents everywhere, meet Beta Mummy.

Brainchild of Dorset-dwelling Engineer Beth, Adventures of a Beta Mummy is a hilarious take on The Mum You’d Like To Be Vs The Mum You Actually Are.  Alpha Mummy, the perfect mother, has her shit together and has raised well behaved, polite, presentable children who never have tantrums or shout about bottom burps in the middle of Tesco . Beta Mummy muddles through motherhood, dealing with the craziness by mainlining coffee and wine, embracing the tv-babysitter and basically juggling being a parent with being a person, with a life of her own, who is not perfect, but blinking well tries, okay?

Beth’s doodles, as she calls them, were born out of a wish to chronicle the realities of parenthood, instead of the glossier, more polished images many seem to chuck out on their social media. She began on Facebook, and, having gone down a storm, she took a deep breath and dove into the bloggersphere feet first (no heels, naturally). I love her sense of humour and her honesty and her ability to make me snort coffee on my children while perusing her updates on my phone. My kids would probably prefer I didn’t do that. I’d prefer that they let me pee in peace. We’re even.

I love Beta Mummy, because I am a Beta Mummy. I think most of us are. The messy haired, frazzled character Beth has created is endearing, identifiable, and real. I imagine Beth to be similar. (I have never met her, we were cyber-introduced by a mutual friend. If she turns out to be the type who irons her bed sheets, I might cry. I basically want to take her out for a gossip and a few bottles of wine.) If you need further proof of the awesomeness of Beta Mummy, check this out: Beta Mummy’s Hangover:Beta Mummy Hangover

Check out more from Beta Mummy on the blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Between you and me, I’d probably have to wallop Alpha Mummy if I met her, anyway.

(All images property of Beth at


6 thoughts on “Beta Mummy: Boozy, ballsy, and basically brilliant.”

  1. Love Beta Mummy’s post and this picture is one I can relate to it not just when I have a hangover. I’m sure this is my house most days!! Definitely a fellow Beta mummy here 🙂

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