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Now What?

I don’t want to be a sore loser over the whole Referendum deal, but I saw the news this morning and felt saddened and sickened and disgusted at the UK.

It shouldn’t have come to this. We never should have been asked to decide. We weren’t up to it. We can’t even be trusted to pick the right winner on Britain’s got Talent, let alone decide the future of our country.

We are the people who voted in the Conservatives. We let Boris be Mayor. We read the Sun, we watch Jeremy Kyle, we make stupid people into celebrities, we’ve proved time and time again that we’re not to be trusted with anything too important. We never ever should have been placed in a position where something this epically critical was placed in the hands of Joe Public. That is why Cameron had to resign; not because he lost the vote, but because he called for it in the first place.

I’m angry. I am sad. I am embarrassed. I am worried. But I’m trying very hard not to be hypocritical.

For me, remaining in the EU was about being together, not apart. It was about teamwork, not selfishness, love, not hate, unity, not division. I took my vote seriously and I am proud that I live in a democracy.

Therefore, now that the worst has happened and democracy has failed me, I am trying really hard not to spout bile and hatred about the majority voters who have gotten their way. Democracy is democracy. You can’t only advocate democracy when everybody agrees with you. They won. I lost. Me calling them racist, stupid, irresponsible, or ignorant, however much that is what I might want to say right now, won’t improve things. And I am all for love, not hate, right?

As I type, the pound has hit a thirty year low, the country is leaderless, some £200 billion has been wiped off the value of shares, and I’m biting my tongue. As Farage had barely tucked into a celebratory bowl of cornflakes before admitting that the £350 million pledge to the NHS was a ‘mistake’, I’m trying to hold back my anger.

I’m fighting, really hard, to resist the urge to rub the noses of the Leave voters in the mess that they have created like a dog who has pissed on the carpet: “Look at what you’ve done!” But what good will that do? We’ll still be just as screwed.

We have to focus now on what’s best for our country, given this awful turn of events. We can’t move on from this if we’re divided. Things are going to be bad for a while. Maybe they will get better in my lifetime, maybe they won’t. Maybe in a few years when Super BoJo leads Britain to glory and no one can remember what all the fuss was about, I’ll look back and be embarrassed that I cared enough to write this. Then again, maybe not.

Whatever happens, the bitterness and hatred swirling around the country today can only hold us back. As we take our first faltering, Bambi-esque steps into the next chapter, let’s try to hold hands. Let’s love, not hate.

Like many “remainers” today, I am going to find this hard. The anger at the way this has gone is raw, still. We’re shell shocked, we’re worried, and it’s easy to blame. Moving on is difficult. But what is the alternative? It’s not about stopping the fight, or giving up. It’s about being a human, and recognising that we all are, whichever box we ticked. I guess it’s just about union, just not the union I was hoping for.

We’ve made, I feel, the wrong decision as a nation, on an issue that never should have been ours to decide in the first place. We all have to live with that. Together.


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