I See You At The School Gate

I see you at the school gate

It’s your little one’s first day.

I can tell you’re feeling anxious

But it’s going to be okay.

Your child looks really little

Just a baby, just turned four

And I know you’re feeling worried:

You can’t hand-hold any more.

Will his teacher understand him?

Will he manage to make friends?

Will he cry if he falls over?

Who’ll be there to make amends?

I see you at the school gate

As you wipe away a tear.

I wish I could tell you

You have nothing to fear.

You worry that she’s frightened

But she looks like she’s okay

Of course, she’s going to miss you

But she has to find her way.

I see you at the school gate

Thinking, “Is the teacher stern?”

But this is a great adventure,

With so many things to learn.

So much he doesn’t know yet,

So much he cannot do.

Do you recall the elated joy

Of learning something new?

I see you at the school gate

Take your time, no need to hurry.

Of course, I am a mother too;

I understand your worry.

It won’t always be easy

As they journey through the years,

But they’ll always have you there for them

To wipe away their tears.

No one ever grows up perfect.

We know that much is true.

Just be there when you’re needed

And do what you need to do.

I see you at the school gate

As you kiss them once again

Excited to be letting go

And yet wishing they’d remain.

You cannot stop the ticking clock.

The journey must begin.

So with one final cuddle,

You step back and send them in.

I see you at the school gate

Waving, smiling as they go.

I catch your eye and silently,

I tell you that “I know”.

I understand you’re feeling

Like your heart just walked away

But we’ll always be here waiting

At this gate, at the end of each day.


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