Bad Mum Magazine

I have been really bad at updating this place. There are loads of reasons (excuses!) for this.

  • I work in the toy industry so between September and Christmas normal life is suspended and I have to talk non-stop on the interwebs about Unicorn Poo and Zoobs and Robots.
  • My child no longer naps. I know, right? It totally sucks and I spend large amounts of time trying and failing to persuade him that he is tired.
  • Blogging sometimes feels a bit wanky to me. Like, why start a site and expect people to care what I think about anything? Is anyone reading anyway?
  • I am inherently lazy and quite enjoy spending my evenings drinking wine and binge watching The Gilmore Girls.

However, I do intend to keep plodding on. And it’s just got loads more fun because I have recently joined the team at Bad Mum Magazine. It’s a brilliant site full of info, opinion pieces and loads of excellent content. Set up by the amazing Sophie Farrow, the new and ever-expanding team look set for great things. I aim to write a bit here and a bit over there, and just see what happens.

My first piece for Bad Mum is What Not to Say to a New Mother. I hope it rings a few bells and raises a smile or two.

Bad Mum


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