Humour, Life, Parenting, poetry

Lies I Tell My Children

When I planned to be a parent
I thought I had it sussed,
And I’d never need to tell them lies:
Turns out, it’s a must!

Some lies that I tell them are
To make their lives more fun.
And some are for my benefit
As their knackered, desperate mum.

“Yes there is a Santa Claus,
He’ll come if you are good.”
“Your head will shrink in the rainstorm
If you don’t put up your hood.”

“I’d love to share my cake with you
But it’s spicy, you would hate it”
“Let’s search for your chocolate bar.”
(Translation: Mummy ate it.)

“The ice Cream van plays music
So we know it’s out of treats”
“Your veggies make you bigger
I can see each bite you eat.”

“Let’s go on a lovely trip –
Injections are SO fun!!”
“The Tooth Fairy had a stomach bug
That’s why she didn’t come.”

I hope that they forgive me
For the lies I tell so neatly.
I do feel kind of guilty,
Since they trust me so completely.

But in the end I think
I need the lies to get me through.
Please tell me that other mums
Lie to their children too?

The truth is, that I love them
And I want to do my best.
I hope that since they know that truth,
They will forgive the rest.


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