So, what goes here then? This is pressure, right here. How to sound fun and witty and cool and interesting…

Nah, can’t do it. This section makes me sad.

I’m Michelle. That over there is what my face looks like.1969111_10155801944885089_5423628722286065677_n

Stuff about me: I have two children, a husband, too many freckles, a thirst for wine and a love of anything quirky or unusual. I used to be a teacher, now I am branching out and work part time in social media, from home, around the kids. Basically, I life-juggle.

I am a mickey-taker, a bad dancer, a goodish cook, a terrible procrastinator, an aspiring novelist, and a good egg. I hope. Oh, and once I met Jarvis Cocker.

I probably could have left that last part out.