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Lies I Tell My Children

When I planned to be a parent I thought I had it sussed, And I’d never need to tell them lies: Turns out, it’s a must! Some lies that I tell them are To make their lives more fun. And some are for my benefit As their knackered, desperate mum. “Yes there is a Santa… Continue reading Lies I Tell My Children

Humour, Life, Parenting

The School Run – the Inevitable Truths.

We’re two days into the school runs of a new half term, and already I am feeling, well, pissed off, frankly. And having exchanged a number of empathetic glances/sighs/expletives with my school run compadres as I mum-run along towards the closing-because-we’re-late gate with small people, buggies, book-bags, change bags and assorted paraphernalia, I conclude that… Continue reading The School Run – the Inevitable Truths.