There’s No Epidural For Motherhood.

Lots of first time mothers (and fathers) are frightened of childbirth. I can’t blame them, in all honesty; in fact, I was them. Pre-splashdown, the thought of pushing an actual human out of my nethers was pretty low down on my list of Things That Sound Like Fun. Right down there underneath being Katie Hopkins BFF and eating Continue reading “There’s No Epidural For Motherhood.”


Audley End House and Gardens

Address: Off London Road, Saffron Walden, Essex, CB11 4JF

Website: HereAE6.jpg

We’re frequent visitors to Audley End. The kids absolutely love it, and now we have English Heritage Membership, so entry is free for us. (Prices here) There is enough to do to last a whole day, and loads of space to run around. I’d totally recommend it to families with kids of all ages.

Continue reading “Audley End House and Gardens”

Now What?

I don’t want to be a sore loser over the whole Referendum deal, but I saw the news this morning and felt saddened and sickened and disgusted at the UK.

It shouldn’t have come to this. We never should have been asked to decide. We weren’t up to it. We can’t even be trusted to pick the right winner on Britain’s got Talent, let alone decide the future of our country. Continue reading “Now What?”

Hyperemesis Gravadarum – Yes, I’ve Tried Ginger.

Laura Bourne explains the horror of HG, and explains how ‘helpful’ advice just makes her sick.

“Have you tried ginger?” the midwife asked, not even glancing up from my notes. A thousand responses tripped to the tip of my tongue. Have I tried ginger? Well, yes. Obviously. Continue reading “Hyperemesis Gravadarum – Yes, I’ve Tried Ginger.”

The School Run – the Inevitable Truths.

We’re two days into the school runs of a new half term, and already I am feeling, well, pissed off, frankly. And having exchanged a number of empathetic glances/sighs/expletives with my school run compadres as I mum-run along towards the closing-because-we’re-late gate Continue reading “The School Run – the Inevitable Truths.”

Valentine’s day is rubbish. Here’s why…

Valentine’s day sucks because it is profoundly depressing. Adults buying other adults cuddly toys and heart-shaped tat is depressing. Making a half-arsed effort to tell the person who puts up with your crap and loves you all year long that you love them, in someone else’s words, on this one day, because you walked past a Clintons and found a fiver in your pocket, is depressing.  Booking a table at the last minute because your mum said Continue reading “Valentine’s day is rubbish. Here’s why…”