Let’s hear it for the Fathers

Let’s hear it for the Fathers,

The Daddies, Papas and Pops.

Even though they snore and fart

They’re generally the tops.

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Hyperemesis Gravadarum – Yes, I’ve Tried Ginger.

Laura Bourne explains the horror of HG, and explains how ‘helpful’ advice just makes her sick.

“Have you tried ginger?” the midwife asked, not even glancing up from my notes. A thousand responses tripped to the tip of my tongue. Have I tried ginger? Well, yes. Obviously. Continue reading “Hyperemesis Gravadarum – Yes, I’ve Tried Ginger.”

Beta Mummy: Boozy, ballsy, and basically brilliant.

To say that there are a lot of mum (and dad) bloggers about these days is an understatement akin to saying Donald Trump is “a bit of a moron, really”. There are effing millions. The only criteria for joining this gang is being sprogged up and in possession of a laptop that connects to that new-fangled Internet thingy. Continue reading “Beta Mummy: Boozy, ballsy, and basically brilliant.”

Happy Mother’s Day, Mum. I Get It Now.

I have an amazing mum. I’d say she’s the best. You might disagree, having another candidate to nominate for that title. But let’s not quibble. My mum is brilliant. I never remember not thinking she was brilliant, but I’ve never appreciated her more than I do now I’m a mum myself.

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The School Run – the Inevitable Truths.

We’re two days into the school runs of a new half term, and already I am feeling, well, pissed off, frankly. And having exchanged a number of empathetic glances/sighs/expletives with my school run compadres as I mum-run along towards the closing-because-we’re-late gate Continue reading “The School Run – the Inevitable Truths.”