Stuff That No One Tells You


When you’re going to have a baby,

The whole world has advice.

They’re all clamouring to pass it on

And they think they’re being nice.


But people don’t tell you the real stuff

They don’t want to be uncouth.

So I’m going to enlighten you;

It’s time you knew the truth. Continue reading “Stuff That No One Tells You”


Valentine’s day is rubbish. Here’s why…

Valentine’s day sucks because it is profoundly depressing. Adults buying other adults cuddly toys and heart-shaped tat is depressing. Making a half-arsed effort to tell the person who puts up with your crap and loves you all year long that you love them, in someone else’s words, on this one day, because you walked past a Clintons and found a fiver in your pocket, is depressing.  Booking a table at the last minute because your mum said Continue reading “Valentine’s day is rubbish. Here’s why…”

Why Every Mum Needs a Child-free Friend.

So, mum friends are amazing; that is a given. From pregnancy piles to sleep-deprived suffering, they get it. If you want to talk nappy-explosions, mastitis or weaning, bemoan your stubborn mum-tummy or ask advice about the tantruming threenager, these are your women. But every now and then it’s great to spend time with someone who can wear unsensible shoes, who goes out into the ‘real’ world on a daily basis, and who doesn’t have a favourite episode of Paw Patrol. Every mum needs a child-free friend. Here’s why: Continue reading “Why Every Mum Needs a Child-free Friend.”