The idea behind Brilliantly Ordinary came to me because let’s face it, sometimes life is just ordinary. Especially when you have children, you can feel like it’s a repetitive daily mishmash of juggling small humans and life admin. It’s easy to look at the glossy, filtered images of parenthood that appear in the press and on social media, and feel a bit of a failure.

Remember though, that most of that is just fake. Every parent has days where they just cannot hack it. It is okay not to have a tidy house every day (or any day, frankly). Home cooked, nutritious food is very lovely, and well done for those who cook it an succeed in getting kids to eat it. However any  kid who has never had a fish finger or a nugget is lacking in basic life experiences. Beige food is a winner and we know it.

I set up my little blog to provide a bit of balance; by all means, celebrate the moments when you have your shit together. But embrace the little wins too. Five minutes peace? A whole cup of tea, before it got cold? A gin and tonic once the children are asleep? The ordinary things can be kind of brilliant, too.